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Six methods to self-motivate

While doing business, one tends to get discouraged easily. Maybe you have an awesome week of extraordinary achievement, however then it’s trailed by a week of stress. Perhaps you have to postpone the movie plan you had with friends for another day. We have all been there. We know very well that you cannot become successful overnight. In any case, to stay away from failure, you have to work hard and make little sacrifices here and there.

However, how can we do that? Simple answer is to motivate yourself and aim to be successful. This way you will be more confident, maintain proper direction in life and be focused. Here are some extraordinary approaches to stay inspired:


  1. Set objectives:

Make an effort to create quarterly, weekly, monthly, annual and daily goals. Make sure, all those objectives seem to be achievable as in you need to put in effort but not be impossible to accomplish them. Create objectives that are specifically linked to your business and other actionable tasks. Never make your objectives dependent on other individuals. Moreover, have suitable rewards for each specific objective.

  1. Celebrate:

Am sure all of us have made progress and done certain positive acts in life. Consider those specific things and in what they have affected you. This time you need a mental high five. Let it all out and reward yourself. For each progression in the right path, celebrate! Move forward, be happy and think about those positive bubbles.

  1. Positive huddle:

Try to move along with motivating and positive individuals. As troublesome as it seems to be, sever connections that are negative and de-motivating. The fleeting agony of ending those noxious  connections will be short term, while you will feel more elated in the long run by being in the company of optimistic people.

  1. Follow your heart and be happy to do what you like

On the off chance that, you are not feeling passionate or don’t like what you are doing, then sell off your business and discover something that you like to do. Of course, being successful is of great importance, yet your success is not gauged by your wealth. Your wellbeing and happiness is equally important. Further to that, for your employees to feel motivated you need to be positive.

  1. Take breaks

Go on short trips or take vacation. Moreover, a regular break is essential through the day. You will feel more energized once you are back and likewise your productivity at workplace increases.

  1. Refine your plan

Am sure, by now all your objectives are in place and you are following certain steps to accomplish them. However as you move on you will understand that certain method is not working out the they way you wanted it to be. Do not stress over it rather focus in altering the plans. Your activities have to be listed out and find out which steps are giving you maximum returns. Try to remove all those distractions which deter you from reaching your business goals.


Improve Your Brain Efficiency


Our brain is the most mysterious part of our body. It is responsible for every action and emotion performed by human. We rely so much on the performance of your brain to boos our intelligence. It is scientifically proven that there are ways of improving the efficiency of brain. There are strategies developed by scientists which are very effective to improve our brain performance. The task is not a difficult one, it is more like a daily routine with few differences. Here are some simple tips to improve the efficiency of your brain:


The habit of regular exercise is important for both our mind and body. It encourages our brain to put maximum performance thus improving its ability. Scientists have proven that regular exercise strengthen our nerves and increase cells. The function of brain depends on the interconnection of nerves, and exercise is very effective to make these connections stronger. Exercise causes the release of various hormones which are very effective to develop our mental health. Other benefits you can get from exercise:

  • It protects our nerves by releasing protection chemicals
  • Maximize the blood flow to brain
  • Increases the survival rate of neurons
  • Prevents serious conditions like stroke


Omega-3 Fats

Not all fats are harmful for your body. The omega-3 fat which is mainly animal based is a very important part of our brain. As you may already know that most of our brain is formed by fats of different kinds. Most of those fats are DHA types which forms in young age when breastfeeding. Our body is not the source of Omega-3 fats as it cannot produce it. But the good news is there are foods in our daily menu which contains this fat. Foods like fish, animal protein are great source of omega -3 fats.


Your brain is more like a machine which needs to rest. Sleep is the best kind of rest for your brain and body. Brain cannot function continuously as it needs rest once a while. So a regular sleeping pattern is very important for the proper functionality of your brain. Sleep is more like a reset switch of our body and everything works good after a proper reset. Regular sleeping time can improve the performance of our brain and researches have already shown statistics to support this statement. You need sound sleep for your brain to function more effectively.

Coconut Oil

Our brain needs glucose, in fact it needs a lot of it. It is one the main fuel to keep our brain running. As glucose are converted to energy, you need to supply glucose to your brain. The production of insulin is very important for proper functioning of brain. Ketones are very effective to maintain the level of insulin required for your brain. Coconut oils are rich in ketones and can supply more glucose to your brain.

Above are some strategies you can follow to improve your brain efficiently. There are other like consumption of Vitamin D, Vitamin B12 which are also very important.