Pros & Cons of Online Learning



The method of online learning is becoming quite popular now a day. Though this system wasn’t that convincing during early days but people are realizing the benefits and becoming more interested about it. The spreading of internet facility has a huge impact on the development of online learning. Young learners have access to internet and they can learn almost anything they want. The world economy is also a deciding factor when it comes to the popularity of online education. Let’s have a look at some pros and cons of online education.


Firstly, online education is convenient in many sense. The term online doesn’t need you to be present at any particular location and time. You can set the duration of the course and can learn it anytime. Online learning is very flexible compared to conventional education system. You don’t need a campus to get your degree so there is no geographical burden. Also the verbal communication is less needed in online education course.

Secondly, Online education is less expensive than conventional education system. In fact, the cost of an online degree is nothing compared to a university degree. When you are studying in a university there are many other costs included with education. For example, the accommodation and library costs. There are no such costs in online education.

Thirdly, you don’t need to be present in a classroom to pursue your education. You can be at anyplace with access to internet to study. This allows you to learn about different technologies and use them. Online education is very effective in technical field as you are using technology to pursue your degree.

Fourthly, with only education you will get to know about the world. Your course will include student from all over the world. Interacting with them will give you the opportunity to learn about different culture and education system. Online education is a global learning system and it helps you to learn many things which can’t be learnt from sitting in a classroom.


Firstly, The limitation of social interaction. In online education system you are not actually learning with others. You are sitting on a computer alone and learning things. Social interaction is very important to shape our personality. Students pursing online degree can have problem in professional sector as they are not used to that much social interaction.

Secondly, there are some cost behind online education also. You will need a computer with standard configuration. Stable internet connection is also required so you don’t miss out on anything. Which means you are heavily dependent on technology.

Thirdly, scheduling can be a big concern when pursuing an online degree. The course will run on a standard time which can be less convenient for your time zone. So you have to schedule according to the time, sometimes you may have to stay up all night to attend the lecture.

Fourthly, the effectiveness of online education is still questioned in professional sector.