Losing our train of thoughts can be a big issue as time goes by. Yet without being diagnosed with Alzheimer, your brain may start showing signs of weakness as you grow older. This is not only a result of genetics but It’s only due to lack of training.  Consider your brain as a muscle and all of a sudden, it makes sense! An athlete won’t have the same capacities to run a 100m in less than 10 seconds without recurring efforts and proper training. The same thing applies to your brain. Having this in mind, you can start working out with your brain to achieve spectacular results.

Here are some tips that can help you enhance your memory, logic and culture in general:

1.      Be able to memorize the situation you have to remember as being another person looking at yourself in the same situation. It helps to perceive the whole environment before remembering correctly what happened

2.      It’s easier to remember things you just learned just before going to bed. Since you won’t have any more information to deal with, this new knowledge will make it’s way better through your brain


3.      Whenever you are having difficulties remembering a name or word. Start by finding the first letter and you will start visualising the word and then, guessing it right afterwards. No not learn by heart for short term memory is not always a good thing. At some point also you can try saying things out loud to remember them easily 4.      Milk is not for kids!   Better memory skills can be achieved if you can guarantee a good intake of milk! Still regarding your lifestyle, consider quitting smoking or the small drink at night also > This will definitely help. Consider instead drinking green tea and exercising regularly

5.      Play a lot with images. You should be able to remember the name of “John Bridge” by imagining a bridge over his head! It works. With the same idea, you can gain creativity by looking at nature. This can be appeasing by will also help memorising things calmly

6.      Don’t let the routine settle! Subscribe to social activities, be innovative and change habitude. The more you act actively, the more your brain will respond in the same way.

However don’t get alarmed if you have some memory issues. Identifying them and being able to categorise them between normal forgetfulness or not will help you. Normal forgetfulness can be simply about why you just went to the basement. It can also be a simple blank about where you last park your car! Was it Section H or F ?! What happen is also forgetting where you just left something that you were using one minute ago! No need to panic because the brain forgets what it consider as trivial information just to make sure there’s room for learning something valuable soon.

On the contrary, pay more attention to signs like loss of ability to be multitasking if you have always been great at this. If you have issues recognising colours, names, shapes or words or repeating same question all over again, then you might consider consulting a specialist.

In all cases, you can still manage to have an active brain disregarding your age or professional or social position. You just have to enjoy enhancing your personal skills and always aim higher.